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Rick Astley vs Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Gives You Up (BRAT Mashup)

Rick Astley - "Never Gonna Give You Up" (Acapella)
Nine Inch Nails - "The Hand That Feeds" (Tweaked Instrumental via Garageband)

In preparing to see the final live show of the Nine Inch Nails "Lights In The Sky 2008" at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, I decided to whip up a mix for the road. Little did I know how evil that mix would turn out...

As is typical, I usually find out about internet "mashup albums" after they already come out, thereby missing the chance to contribute. Recently, thanks to a leaked acapella, there was an entire mashup album devoted to Mr Astley, called Rickrawked. After checking the album out, then scouring the net, I found the acapella.

I was shocked that no one on the album came up with this combination. Then again, mixing Nine Inch Nails with Rick Astley is not something that would come to a normal mind.

Oh...did I mention? I made a mashup music video to go along with this mashup! :)

And for those of you who have been to my site before, yes I know I already used the NIN instrumental once already. In fact, that mashup (with The Temptations) is going through a tweaking at the moment, and will be back online soon!

BRAT Mashup


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