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Welcome To BRAT Productions.

This is not your average portfolio web site.

My main passion is music. Whether it is my Mashups, my Holiday Mixes, one of my DJ sets, or one of the mixes I have done that has been officially released, you have many options to listen to what moves me. I even have a section devoted to audio vaults, pulled from my music collection.

I wear a lot of professional hats. At any moment, I could be doing any of the following: my 9-to-5 job, audio mastering, cd/dvd authoring, video editing, video archiving, music consulting, dvd project consultation, remixing, web design & html/css/php/javascript coding, sql database management, AppleScript creating, DJ'ing (clubs and radio), radio jingle/imaging creation, music video/commercial directing, or one of many other things I do to pass the time. F.Y.I., most of my current radio work can be heard on the Los Angeles staple "Breakfast With The Beatles" (jingles, ID's, and the show open/close montages), Sundays at 9am PT on 95.5 KLOS.

I also have a very strong personality. I let that run free on my blog.

Get here from a web search? Maybe you have heard of me, but don't really know much about me? Maybe you read a load of crap about me somewhere, and are questioning the validity of the comments you read (as you ffffing should!). Find out the truth about me in my f.a.q. file.

If the f.a.q. didn't answer your questions, or you want to talk about something on the site, feel free to email me. Please be aware I am sort of notorious for one sentence replies. Don't be offended. It's just the way I am. :)

I am banned from YouTube. I have two strikes on Vimeo. Facebook is close to deleting my account. Because of all the drama on third party sites, I am now self-hosting all the videos you see on the site. Sorry for any speed issues, but self-hosting costs me money. #FairUse #TransformativeWorks