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Welcome To BRAT Productions.

This is not your average portfolio web site.

My main passion is music. My Mixes area has hours of remixes, edits and mashups of mine for you to listen to. I also have The Audio Vault, an area with rarities pulled from my music collection.

I have a very cool "day" job: I work for the band Depeche Mode. Starting on September 2nd, 1998, I became the band's webmaster. I run their website, and their social media accounts. Since 2015, I earned the additional job title of "Archivist". I am in charge of the band's tape vault. I worked on the Video Singles Collection DVD set. I worked on the MODE 18-CD box set, and have worked on all of the 12" single vinyl box sets.

I have a lot of "other jobs". Some of those include:

I have a very strong personality. I let that run free on my blog.

Get here from a web search? Maybe you have heard of me, but don't really know much about me? Maybe you read a load of crap about me somewhere, and are questioning the validity of the comments you read (as you ffffing should!). Find out the truth about me in my f.a.q. file.

If the f.a.q. didn't answer your questions, or you want to talk about something on the site, feel free to email me. Please be aware I am sort of notorious for one sentence replies. Don't be offended. It's just the way I am. :)

PLEASE NOTE: While I do work for a number of "known" clients, I absolutely can not pass notes to them, forward emails to them, get you tickets to a show, ask a client to sing at your wedding, et cetera. There are proper channels you can use to contact people. Please use those. I can not help you, and will NOT reply to such requests. Thank you.

I am banned from YouTube. I have two strikes on Vimeo. Facebook and Instagram are constantly copyright flagging my account. Because of all the drama on third party sites, I am now self-hosting all the videos you see on the site. Sorry for any speed issues, but self-hosting costs me money. #FairUse #TransformativeWorks