Black Lives Matter

June 8th, 2020

I have seen in my city of Burbank, California, and around the world, people holding handmade signs saying "Black Lives Matter".

I completely back the message, as any sane human being should. As a 50 year old white guy, I wanted to use my voice, and do my part to provide something a bit bolder than a "Sharpie on the inside of an Amazon box" sign.

The following JPEG downloads are made to mimic city parking signs. They are bold, clear and help to get the message across clearer than handwriting on cardboard. They are provided to you at 13 inches wide by 19 inches high. Any printer should be able to easily scale these images to the paper you are using, by way of a "scale to fit" option when printing.

If anyone wants a bigger size, ask me on Instagram, and I'll upload larger sizes. Personally, I'd love to see actual metal street signs made.

Please feel free to download and circulate these images. Print them up. Post them up. Carry them. Put them in your window. Make stickers. Get the message heard.



Click here to download the hi-res JPEG

Click here to download the hi-res JPEG



NOTE: I am providing these images at no cost, with no watermark, for people to use freely in both physical (handheld sign, window sign, etc.) and digital (social media stills, videos, etc.) form. Please act responsibly when using the images.