Welcome to the "Mixes" page.

My life has always revolved around music. From messing with "pause tapes" in December 1982 (thanks Santa for the Fisher double cassette deck!), to working at radio stations (IDs, imaging, radio edits and exclusive mixes & megamixes, starting in 1990), to working at record labels (radio edits, remixes, mastering and archive work, starting in 1994), I have had my hands in many aspects of the music industry over the years.

One of my favorite things is to manipulate sounds. Whether doing full remixes, mashing up artists that have no business being together, or just shortening dance mixes for radio airplay, making something new is always a thrill.

The following is a small sampling of the work I have done, both professionally and just for fun. I have tried to break down the mixes into individual areas. The latest mix for each area is listed below. For more of any mix category, follow the link under the main thumbnail.