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Organic '96 (KROQ, Los Angeles - June 22, 1996)

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In 1996, there was a large rave called "Organic '96". It featured Chemical Brothers, Loop Guru, Meat Beat Manifesto, The Orb, Orbital and Underworld.

What made this show unique is that it was broadcast on "The World Famous" KROQ, hosted by Jed The Fish and Jason Bentley.

I went to this show, along with my friend Ken Spector. Even with his Cadillac dying, and us having to rent a car, we still made it in time to enjoy all the acts.

While we were enjoying the show, my Mac was recording the radio broadcast (tuner > DAT machine > Sound Designer/Mac). When I got home, I cut up the show, removing all the commercials. I archived the resulting five hours and ten minutes of music onto three DATs, and filed it away...until now.

As far as I can tell (via Google searching), only part of The Orb's set has even appeared anywhere. No one seems to have the entire broadcast. Not even KROQ has a copy! They erased the tapes after the broadcast. Ugh!

A few months back, on my birthday, I uploaded the Chemical Brothers mashup of The Beatles "Tomorrow Never Knows" with their own "Chemical Beats", taken from this broadcast. That little tease was received very well online, even getting me a "Happy Birthday" tweet from the person who runs the Chemical Brothers Twitter account. :)

Well, now, here is the entire show! Every second broadcasted, from the opening KROQ intro, to Scott Mason (RIP) offering up his opinions on The Orb at the very end (minus the aforementioned commercials).

In creating this Audio Vault area, I wanted to create an area where I could share some truly cool, rare items. During this covid crap, I decided to make use of the time, by archiving up everything I have been recording for the last 35+ years, and sharing it with the world. These recordings are doing no good, just sitting in boxes. When I die, I doubt anyone would bother to even go through and digitize what I've spent my life recording, so fuck it. I'm digitizing it all now, and you all get the spoils!

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone enjoys this. Be nice to my server, though. It costs me a lot to host all of this. :)

File uploaded: December 24th, 2020

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