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DESCRIPTION: Radio imaging. Essentially, you have to make the little edited pieces that signal what station you are listening to "pop". They have to be more exciting than the music the DJ is playing. Fast editing. Lots of samples and cut up dialog. Attention grabbing.

If you listened to KROQ in the 80s and 90s, you heard production legend John Frost at work in-between the songs. Along with imaging, he was also the voice of the station. It was the jingles played between the songs that really "made" the station. You might hear the same songs from time to time, but it was the jingles that made the station cool. And it wasn't just him. Jed The Fish, Freddy Snakeskin, Swedish Egil. They all threw their editing flair and sampling fun into their work.

When I started doing imaging back in 1990, I tried to follow in the footsteps of that "KROQ" style, which I then brought to MARS-FM, Groove Radio 103.1, and then to the topic of this post, Groove Radio Dot Com (2000).

What you are about to hear is a collection of some of my favorite pieces that I did during my time at the station. The file starts off with my weekly show intro, then goes into spots that I cut up for the station, and some specific DJs.

Keep at ear out for the Chuck Henry jingle (one of my favorites), and the "Porn" jingle (I can't believe they played it on air). The voice of the jingles, Paul Christy, was great to work with, due to his great sense of humor, which came through when I asked him to do a "Porn" jingle. At the end of this file, I compiled some of his never-heard-before alternate voice tracks.

I have worn a lot of professional hats, but doing radio work was some of the best times I've had in my life. A note to up-and-coming radio producers: Get a side job! Radio doesn't pay shit, unless you are a very well known DJ. Even then, new owners can come in and fire your ass with no warning. Enjoy the radio experience, but get a good side job. #TheMoreYouKnow

Radio Imaging file first published online: April 9th, 2020.

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BRAT Radio Imaging

Groove Radio Dot Com - A Lot Of Groove Radio Jingles
Groove Radio Dot Com - Groove Radio Dot Com Launch, January 11th, 2000
The Beatles - When I'm (insert age here)
The Beatles - Breakfast With The Beatles


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