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So, for some reason, I got inspired to do a few Holiday mixes this year. Covid kind of ruins the Christmas vibe, but the best music is made during the hardest times. This is the third mix I did for the season.

I'm still playing around with RX8 (Google it), and finding more and more treats from my experiments. For example, I never would have expected the app to pull Darlene Love's acapella out of a mono Phil Spector track, but...there you go!

The mix I did for "Sleigh Ride" was pretty straight forward. For this mix, I wanted to have a bit more fun with the editing and overall production. So as not to be monotonous with the instrumental, I cut up both "Clear", and "Lose Control" (which heavily samples "Clear"), and I threw in a dash of "Numbers" by Kraftwerk here and there, as seasoning. Season's Greeting? Seasoning? Get it? It's a joke, son! I keep pitching them, and they keep going over your head...

As always, I hope you enjoy the mix. I had a lot of fun making it.

Stay safe, wear a mask (OVER YOUR FUCKING NOSE!!!), and Happy Holidays!


The Tracks:
JOHNNY MATHIS - "Winter Wonderland" (DIY acapella)
DARLENE LOVE - "Winter Wonderland" (DIY acapella)
CYBOTRON - "Clear" (already an instrumental)
MISSY ELLIOT - "Lose Control" (Instrumental from Promo CD)
...and a few bits from "Numbers" by KRAFTWERK. :)

Holiday Mix first published online: December 21st, 2020.

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