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Fleetwood Mac - "Rhiannon" (acapella from unnamed source)
Massive Attack - "Teardrop" (re-edited instrumental)

Sometimes I get a bit of flack from people because I don't do mashups with the latest Top 40 crazes. Honestly, not only do most of the mashups suck (due to the source material), but that is not why I do this. I like to change the dynamics of a song. Listen to my Eagles / Lamb mashup. No longer do you hear a country flavored Eagles song. You hear an emotional, moody song. Listen to my Cure / Commodores mash. You now have a goth icon crooning a 70s ballad. I try to bring out things in the songs you don't initially hear, and this mashup is no different...

"Rhiannon" was already a great song. I always loved it. When I "acquired" the acapella, I just sat here amazed at the vocal delivery of Stevie Nicks. Hearing her sing acapella took me to a different place. Finding an instrumental song that would compliment that new place was difficult, but I finally found it (and, no, I was not watching "House" at the time).

Some re-editing, some pitch adjusting, and some lyric re-arrangement, and you get my new mashup. Enjoy.

A note about the video. Now, since the "in fashion" thing is to make a music video for your mashup (or end up with some bastard making one for you and taking credit for your mix on YouTube - I do not like that!), finding complimentary imagery to go with this mashup was surprisingly difficult. That is also the reason this mashup sat on my hard drive since June 2011 (this was posted on October 19th, 2011)! Finally, after Google'ing through hundreds of movie plots, I found "Vertigo". While not exactly what was right, I did some clever editing to twist the storyline to something more appropriate. Now, Jimmy Stewart is a deranger stalker, or was it all just a dream. :)

Mashup first published online: October 14th, 2011.

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